Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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"Well, we know how I helped you. I would appreciate it if you are friendlier with Caroline. I mean your single for Christ sake if you can't ask her out for a drink who the hell can?"

He took Bethany outside; the glazed look still pasted upon her face. The male patrons groaning in non-appreciation, while the females clapped. Bethany’s skirt remained inside.

Oh a wonderful name!

She reached out to me and turned my face to her. The woman looked into my eyes and I opened my mouth, so she could see. Shock widened her eyes, but she did not move away. "Monsieur vampire, thank you."

Whistling and cheers came from the men, sitting back down at the door as they had stood to look long and hard while she had stripped off the under garment. She huffed and took and seat, covering up her chest by folding her arms and avoiding the need to shiver in the chill that was in the house's air.

The man stood extending his hand to Dawn saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

After the ceremony, we all hung around and took a zillion pictures. My parents were meeting my roommates and also the plethora of girls hanging around. My little brother gawked at the sight of Lisa, Daphne, Aika, Trinh, Quyen, Kiana, and Vivian all cramming together to get in a picture with only me. If only they knew. The fact that they did the same with Tim helped deflect some of the questioning glances they were sending my way. We all split up so I could go to lunch with my family, and I promised I'd give Lisa a call when I returned.

"Sure, Laura...uh.. I handle it most days... you OK?"

She remembered the lever and pulled it. Warm water splashed all over her face. It felt so good. Still she couldn't get the feeling that her face was really clean, not after some guy just pissed all over her. She pulled the lever two more times before she was satisfied that her face was clean.

Her mind reminded Wanda about the car crash. Gently she moved each leg, then her arms, then her body. Nothing was broken. She lifted her head a bit and looked bown her body. No apparent bruises. But she remembered that her car was totaled. And then she remembered the vehicle shoving her into the accident.

“Ya, you remember me don’t you?

Because I used to be a landscape gardener, they sent me up here. To Lord Hooray Henry and his famous bitch wife's estate. I'm restoring an Edwardian rose garden. The National Lottery's paying for all this. It's not particularly hard work. It's just horrible taking shit off her all day. Sat there in her lawn chair like a fucking slave master or something. All she needs is the whip. Now there's a thought...

My goal is to give you a chuckle as you read about with what we've all gone through and are still experiencing. But more than that, I want to know why we have to follow these rules at all. Maybe, and it's a big maybe, by identifying them and identifying with them, we can all conclude they should be changed. For the one married couple who reads this and says, "yeah, that's us, we should change that…" this article has been more than worth the effort.

After an hour, Katie suggests they go check on Kimmie. Juan agrees.

"Yes. Of course, a woman is only made to worship cock." Lucy said passionately.

Laura was nervous but wanted to make a good impression so she offered up her best smile. She answered him respectfully, "I am so sorry officer, I assume it was too fast since you pulled me over. I honestly didn't notice. I'm late so I suppose subconsciously I was a little heavy footed"

Only three of the five stages had strippers dancing. No one was dancing at the stage where we were sitting. The music stopped for a moment and all the dancers disappeared. But only for a moment. Suddenly another song began. Up on our stage a beautiful blonde appeared, fully clothed in a long white dress.

Before long I was woken up with his hand playing with my pussy and feeling his big fingers playing with my clit. I was getting very horny and knew that I wanted to ride on him. I sat up and asked him where the bathroom was. He told me it was down the hall. I got up and went to the bathroom and when I came back, he was on his back. I straddled him and started rubbing my nipples in his face. He loved big boobs, and he went to town biting and playing with them. The harder he bit on them, the better I felt. I guess I am a little into pain too, because I love having my nipples bitten on.

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